It’s that time of year again! We will once again be offering Thanksgiving hassle-free side dishes and delicious, delicious pies featuring traditionally made recipes and locally sourced items to add to your dinner table.

wild mushroom and hazelnut soup
wild mushrooms simmered in a sherry-infused stock, then puréed with toasted hazelnuts. {gluten-free} $8 per pint / $12 per quart

roasted butternut squash and apple soup
puréed with a bit of cream. {gluten-free} $8 per pint / $12 per quart

real cranberry sauce
with cinnamon and citrus zest. {vegan, gluten-free} $7 per pint

creamed swiss chard
sautéed with leeks in a white wine cream reduction. {gluten-free} $8.50 per pint

sautéed brussels sprouts
brussels sprout chiffonade with garlic and white wine. {gluten-free} $8 per pint

tahini sweet potato salad
roasted sweet potato, scallions, and cilantro in a lemon-garlic tahini dressing. {vegan, gluten-free} $8 per pint

maple glazed butternut squash
roasted butternut squash with maple glaze and toasted pecans. {gluten-free} $5 per pint / $35 per ½ pan

potato and celery root gratin
thinly sliced celery root and yukon gold potatoes baked with cream and dried herbs. {gluten-free} $6 per serving / $35 per ½ pan

sausage bread stuffing
with sage, toasted walnuts, dried cherries, and caramelized onions. $6 per pint / $35 per ½ pan

corn bread stuffing
with caramelized onions, toasted pine nuts, fresh herbs, celery, and currants.  $6 per pint / $35 per ½ pan

braised red cabbage
slow cooked cabbage with currants and house cured bacon. {gluten-free} $7 per pint / $35 per ½ pan

roasted cauliflower gratin
baked with cream, bread crumbs, and parmesan. $6 per pint / $35 per ½ pan

wild rice salad
fragrant north american black rice tossed with butternut squash, toasted walnuts, michigan apples and fresh sage. {vegan, gluten-free} $7 per pint / $35 per ½ pan

mac and cheese
baked with michigan raw milk sharp cheddar and parmesan, then topped with bread crumbs. $35 per ½ pan

chicken gravy kit
everything you need to make your own gravy: house-made stock, herb seasoning packet, and step-by-step instructions. $8 per quart

blake’s favorite pies
apple or sweet potato-ginger, each baked in a classic pastry crust (with lard). $23 per pie


how it works:

· place your order by 9 p.m. on saturday, 11/17/18. either call 734 213 7011 or order online.

- each single serving is suitable for two people, but could feed a hungry person with some leftovers.

- a quart of soup is suitable for three to four people.

- a half pan will feed around twelve people.

· pick up your order from 11 am to 9 pm on wednesday, 11/21/18

· heat the food and enjoy on thanksgiving day—each item will have reheating instructions.

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