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Brunch Selections

asparagus and goat cheese quiche
baked in a traditional pastry crust, made with lard. $23

bacon and gruyere quiche
baked in a traditional pastry crust, made with lard. $23

shrimp salad
poached shrimp with capers, dill and aioli. $9 for 12 oz

tapenade eggs
hard-boiled eggs with black olive tapenade. $15 per dozen

coffee cake muffins
with pecans and cinnamon. $18 per dozen

orange-currant scones
$15 per dozen

fruit salad
pieces of melons, grapes, pineapple, and strawberries lightly dressed with mint and honey. $5 for 12 oz or $10 per quart

rhubarb-custard pie
baked in a traditional pastry crust, made with lard. $23

key lime pie
baked in a buttery graham cracker crust. $23

Mother’s Day Dinner

three course reheat & eat dinner

organic mixed greens salad
with dried cherries, toasted walnuts and balsamic vinaigrette.

entree (choose 1):

crab cakes
cakes of lump crab meat with scallion and dill.

beef short ribs
braised short ribs with tomato and fresh herbs, then topped with gremolata (lemon, garlic and parsley).

lentil quinoa cakes
pan seared lentil-quinoa cakes with fresh herbs, served with aioli.

sides (choose 2):

herbed potato salad
with fresh tarragon, dill, parsley and scallion in a light vinaigrette.

grilled asparagus
with lemon and garlic.

roasted root vegetables
carrots, parsnips, potatoes and beets.

orzo salad
with fresh mint, spring onion, peas, parmesan and pine nuts.

dessert (choose 1):

fruit tart
sweet tart dough filled with housemade pastry cream and fresh fruit.

lemon cake
with blueberry compote.

$35 per person

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