Who We Are

Our goal is to provide the best tasting food and the most personal service we can offer. We recognize how important these functions are to our clients. We are happy to customize a menu to suit all needs and desires. We want the food to not only be approachable, but flavorful and exciting. Food is inherently beautiful. We strive to allow carefully-sourced ingredients full expression within authentic food traditions.


Locally sourced, traditionally-made food, prepared and served with attention to detail creates a sense of abundance and well-being that will make every eat event truly special and uniquely yours. This business is a natural extension of our commitment to the community, to each other and to you.


Blake Reetz

Blake Reetz was raised on the Reetz family centennial dairy farm in West Branch, Michigan, where eating seasonally and locally was a daily way of life and hard work built healthy appetites. Community events large and small centered around family and food, the harvest, the preparation and, of course, the eating. At eat, Blake brings a sense of place back to the table, coupled with a creative energy that finds its natural expression in food. Every meal becomes a feast.

Helen Harding

Helen Harding was raised in Ann Arbor by parents with deep roots in the community. Helen has traveled and studied abroad, and found the experience only deepened her commitment to her home town. In Ann Arbor, with its heartland heart and global sensibility, Helen has found many lessons can be learned by just staying put. With eat, she would like to return the favor to the community that formed her, using everything she has learned to provide grounded, thoughtful and inspiring food and service.


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